Thursday, January 1, 2009

I quit

I'm putting this out there publicly. This is something i am a bit embarrassed by! I am a smoker. Yes a revolting yukky smoker. I dont smoke a lot, smoke more when drinking but have found myself over the last year smoking more often during the day. I noticed myself creeping up to 3 packs of 20's a week, waaaaay too much!

So today I've QUIT!

Its all good so far, probably helps I had a few wines last night so certainly don't feel like smoking much anyway. I'm going to go to the chemist tomorrow and get some gum and possibly the weaker patches. I'm going to limit my drinking over the next few weeks as that is certainly when I am weakest.

I will do this!


Kebeni said...

YAY!! Good for you. Strength to you too. But I know you can do this, you have come through far worse

Lucy C said...

You go girl!!!

Susan said...

so far so good, we even had all the neighbours over for a bbq and one of them smokes but she has been standing aside. I havent said anything to them but Joey knows (my hubby) and I feel fine at the moment, get the occasional cravings but they are passing if I just do something else.

Susan said...

end of day 1 all good :)

libby said...

You can do it!!! It may not be easy but it will be SOOOOO worth it.


Susan said...

It will Libby it will :)

So far so good, caved last night as had alarge argument wiht the hubby and was a stressful day as it was my deceased best friends birthday. my original plan was to quit after yesterday but started new years. anyway only had 2 and am back to quit again. no more giving in like that