Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the big EGG

Our chooks live a very happy lovely life here at our place. They free range all day long only shut away at night. (though we are bulding a run as we want our grass back! and some of our garden too)

Recently we moved our chooks house form behind the shed to the side of the driveway in the backyard. Into the kids old cubby house. they weren't real impressed by this at first and took to sleeping at the back door with the dog. So yesterday hubby scruubbed the deck and the shelves they were using as a perch near the back door then put new perches in their new home and made it a little airer for summer (anothe reason i think they werte using it was cause its a bit stuffy)

Since their move a few weeks ago they have also taken to laying in odd spots, basically anywhere but their laying boxes. Today after their first night in their renovted home I checked the box and found this.



that is one big egg! It measures 9cms long, weight is over 100grams, not sure hw far over as dont have kitchen digital scales but it registers on my bathroom scales!

Hope everyone had alovely Christmas and hope the new year brings you all much happiness :)


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I have done a post with almost an identical egg from our girls!!!
Ours was 7.5cm but weighed 110grms!!!...Ouch!
We also had twice the opposite extreme and got a 1 inch by 1 inch egg!
Bet that beauty is a double yolker!!!

Lucy C said...

Wow...that is one big mumma egg!

libby said...

Now that's a wopper. We've gotten the occasional huge egg from our girls and my dh always says "poor chook that delivered that one" :-). They do make the egg cartons hard to close though don't they?