Friday, January 2, 2009

blah - not again

The kids came in crying this morning... a fox had been AGAIN!

I'm quite deflated really. We have just spent time redoing thir home, putting in new perches etc. 5 of our 6 chooks have taken to perching up high in a shelf near the back door since the last fox attack, the dog sleeps at the feet of this cupboard. they are smart really. But one liked to go into its home so we made sure she was lockled safely each night and since fixing the house had started taking the others in.

Last night we had friends for a bbq, I retired early as was tired from new years. they were sitting right next to the chook house but for some reason Joey (the hubby) still didnt shut it when he went to bed. I'm annoyed but also know he certainly didnt mean it and I know he feels terrible this morning.

We need to work on building their run asap, as much as free ranging is fun for them having the run will mean they are ALWAYS safe.... hopefully.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

We just had our hen give up on a clutch of fertile eggs just 4 days before they were to hatch,I and the kids were gutted!
We have a hen house and run but we food entice them in with scraps at about 4pm...
They love table scraps and I only give it to them at that time,As soon as they hear the bowl being tapped they all come a running!
We too have a sneaky nasty fox around too.
All the best.

libby said...

How sad. I can only imagine how you must be feeling.