Monday, December 1, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Had a very chaotic week. Last weeks menu only 1 thing got cooked form it so the entire thing is doing a rerun since I have everything to make everything already!

- Chicken rissotto (mushroom, spinach, pumpkin leek)
- spag blognaise
- asian style omelettes and quiche for kids.
- tandoori lamb casserole
- lentil curry (carried over form last week - will be made for hubby and my lunches)
- chicken curry - japanese style to use up some cabbage.
- leftovers and salads throw together (to make use of the sald stuff and any leftovers during the week.
- cauliflour soup (cause I just peeked and there is a full head of it stashed in the fridge vegie drawer!)

- I also am going to bake some zuchini and choc chip muffins this week for school lunch snacks and just extra snacks.


Linda said...

The Japanese styled curry sounds interesting. Great menu.

h&b said...

Yum - Asian Omelettes .. it's been too long, my little eggy/bean shooty friend ... :)

Susan said...

yep the asian omelettes were a fist for us, we've had them twice since, they are a quick really yummy lunch!