Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Menu Planning and other stuff

I missed menu Plan Monday last week and this week its now Tuesday!


This time of year is super busy for me business wise, filling and getting everyone's orders to them on time!! So posting on here has had to be set aside for a bit. I am really looking forward to the slow down that January will bring. I still work but its nothing like the previous months so much more relaxed!

So back to menu Planning.
I did still menatlly menu plan last week and did well. We are loving the asian omelttes, they are really really easy and yum!
The tandoori casserole became a regular lamb one as the eggplant died before I got to use it!
The rissotto was yum, hadnt made that in along long time!

This week is:
Roast Lamb
Chicken curry/japanese
Chicken and noodle salad
a bbq - simple sausages and chicken wings/pieces.
lentil shepherds pie.

and we are eating out 2 times at bbq's/christmas functions.

On other things. I made a large purchase this week. I am NOT a domestic goddess of any kind. I am one of the slckest housewives i know. I have a strong dislike to housework but I also have a like of a clean house (it can be messy/untidy though)

So I purchased a DYSON vaccuum cleaner! Extravagent? yes? I will say I got it at a good price, or so I fell. I got $280 off the retail price (through the sale and then a little bartering)
I've never owned alot of new things, partly because of cost, partly because we get handed down all sorts of things and partly because i think its a waste if we don't need it! Plus i like to shop thriftily when i can.
Our old vaccuum was a hand me down from my grandmother. No its not a heirloom or antique, just a crappy old vac! its been borken for some time, the attchment at the bottom keeps coming off and the suction... well it sucks!
Plus I hated the waste of all those vaccuum bags we seem to constantly buy!

So I am now a Dyson owner. I love the idea of a bagless vac, less waste and I can tip it now into my worm farms or compost.


libby said...

You will love the Dyson. I absolutely HATED vacuuming until we got one. I even had a cleaning lady I hated it so much. Not any more. We have 2 dogs and it's fantastic for getting up all the dog fur.


Lucy C said...

I agree.
A Dyson will change your life!
When I got mine it was like a dream come true.

Susan said...

oh glad to hear you girls love yours... libby you got rid of your cleaner? not sure I'll go that far but am sure my cleaner will love the new vac too!
Lucy I've wanrted one for ages, been and looked, been and looked, always walked away without buying. but since the old one really is pretty dead we neded one. looked at the cheapy $150 vacs then tried them and then turned to the dyson stand and just didnt turn back LOL