Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Discount/cheap meals to cook

I am after loads of recipes for tasty yet cheap to cook meals.

I am on a strict budget for the next fortnight and need to keep meals as cheap as possible.

I will be shopping at aldis, the market for fruit veg etc to save but have a pantry with canned stuff and want recipes to help get through.

So what are your fav cheap meals? or cheap meal websites?

I am making chow mein one night, had shepherds pie tonight, will do a lentil curry, will do chicken wings cause they are cheap andf the kids love them but I need more ideas!


Dixiebelle said...

Here are some budget recipes and ideas:

And this has Meal ideas for when you have run out of groceries or money for the week!:

Ainead said...

I have a cookbook by Women's Weekly "Cooking on a Budget" but I tend to not focus on cheap recipes but rather on finding ways I can cook the cheap ingredients I have bought.


That didn't really make a whole lot of sense so I'll give an example.

I have started going to my local fruit and veg markets to buy all my green groceries. This Sunday gone by I bought beetroots because they were very well priced.

Then I went on www.taste.com.au and did a search on beetroot. (Taste.com takes recipes from all those Australian cooking magazines like Notebook, Good Taste, Super Foods etc. and puts them online for free access.) There were tonnes and tonnes of recipes and all I had to do was look through them until I found a way of cooking beetroots that looked enticing and used ingredients I already had.

I don't know if this is a good way of doing it but it suits me very well and I find it a cheap way of cooking meals for myself.