Monday, June 30, 2008

When I met Jack ... a story

One morning, without notice to me, my bun mum popped me in a cage and took me out to the animal shelter.
Once there I was introduced to a rather handsome, and large, bun of no known name.
Since we seemed to get alng OK my mum purchased this new pal for me and boxed him up and took him back to our house.

Once at our house, we were placed in the bathroom together. Now I dont usually hang out in the bathroom so wasn't sure why I was there and suddenly there was this new pal there too. We weren't sure of each other at first so mum popped us in the bath tub so we were forced to be nearer one another.

at first we just walked around the tub and ignored one another. Then my new friend (who is now known as JACK) flopped out next to me so I flopped out too.

Mum thought we were becoming friends so she moved us to the bathrom floor together.
On the floor we wandered around and jack kept stamping his feet at something so in return I showed him how well i could stamp my feet too. this didnt seem to faze him much.
Since jack was all new and exciting mum's kids were hanging about and I think they made Jack feel a bit nervous. After a while mum kicked the kids out and it was then finally that Jack and I could get to know one another a bit better.

I made the first move, moving in close I bowed my head submissively to see if I'd get a bit of a smooch and a grooming.
Sure enough I did and I liked it. Jack groomed my head all over, all over my ears and my back too. I just kicked back and enjoyed it.

I was begining to really like Jack i think so we snuggled in together.

After that lovely snuggle I figured I'd repay the favour and do some grooming myself so I set to cleaning Jacks head and ears with much affection.

After being so cozy, mum scooped us both up and moved us! Where were we going???

Oh! Hang on this is MY room!
I had to do some jumping around and thumping just to let Jack know that he was in MY place now! Jack responded by thumping back and chasing me in circles. I think he was trying to HUMP me!!! He didnt succeed though!

Jack was quite fascinated by this new space and through the hard clear stuff were these strange creatures over looking us. Jack wasn't used to them. I'll need to let him know they're OK and that you can play good games in the yard once were eventually let out with them.

After a bit I submitted and dropped my head for a snuggle. I was rewarded with some more ovely licks to my head Smile

I think Jack could feel a presence nearby!

I whispered into Jacks ear that it's only a harmless sticky beak chook!

unfortunatly it kinda spoiled the mood

before long we were back to snuggling again.

and even sharing food!

I think I like jack. He's a very handsome fellow. I've never met a bunny bigger than me before but am sure glad I have now because i think we're going be fabulous friends. How could I not love him, he's just sooo handsome!

Thanks Mum, I won't forget my husbun George but thanks for finding me a new friend now, I 'm much happier now Smile


HipbubbyMama said...

Oh that is just adorable!!! :) I'm so clucky over rabbits and chooks-sadly I cant have any due to other pets. But very very cute pics and story too :)

Kylie said...

What lovely pictures - and beautiful rabbits. Did you adopt him from Keysborough animal shelter?

Susan said...

yep sure did :)

h+b said...

lol - love the sticky-beak chook !!!

Interesting to me too, as I haven't had much to do with domesticated rabbits. The thumping tand grooming was interesting :)

h+b said...

oh - I just read the other comments - you must be near-ish me.

We got our 2nd ( now deceased ) kitty from Keysborough and he had ear-mites. The Vet wasn't impressed, but it must have been a 'through the keeper', as i've only ever since heard good things about Keysborough.

Only got the one pet now - a street cat that came to stay.