Wednesday, February 6, 2008


All our new chooks are now laying, not every day but most days.
The kids just love running out after school to collect them and in the mornings when they get up and let the girls out for the day.

Some days we get 6 eggs some days only 3 eggs.
The funny thing is before we probably bought 1 dozen eggs each fortnight, sometimes less only occasionally more yet now we arent yet having excess to give away as suddenly the kids LOVE eggs!
Its agreat after school snack, soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers.

Today after school I was chatting with Jaime (age 5) and asking how her day was. She said ti was great and today at school they had to draw pictures of a chore they did at home. They could only pick one so she picked and drew herself collecting eggs form the chooks :)

and we 'may' be getting more chooks and a big new chook pen and run! People over the park are getting new renters in and they have a few chooks and a big house and run that they are most likely going ot be looking for a new home for.


Kylie said...

Hi Susan,
Yes in answer to your question I recently started two blogs (after enjoying reading others for so long!). One is: (an online guide to parenting in Melbourne's south) and (ramblings about home - you will see our new rabbit there). If it's OK I might put a link to your site on Baysidemama as I think some of my readers would enjoy your blog. regards, Kylie

lightening said...

Yep, there is nothing like home grown egss. I never liked eggs until I tasted fresh, free range eggs. They taste totally different!!!! Plus they're lots of fun too. :)

Lucky-1 said...

Children and chooks go so well together. Yum, nothing beats a fresh egg from one's own backyard:)

adrian2514 said...

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adrian2514 said...

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