Saturday, February 2, 2008

Small World

I meant to share this ages ago!

A few months ago I had a response to one of my posts with someone asking if i went to a certain school. After a few emails we found out we did in fact go to school together for 1 year in Yr8 and we were in the same Greek class (otherwise one of us was in 8c and the other 8b)

I was sent the following photos:

standing in the first photo is ms lightening

I am the one in the grey skirt to left most of the photo sitting on the ground with the black material in hand.

In the second I 'think' the girl on the left is lightening again and i am the girl 3rd from left (white school dress bending forward) .

The play was called 'the wild washer women'.

So how's that for a small world hey!


Crazy Mumma said...

Wow! [Insert theme from The Twilight Zone here] Small world indeed :-)

Our Red House said...

It's definitely a small world!


Kez said...

Wow, how cool is that!

lightening said...

LOL. I thought perhaps you'd changed your mind about posting these. I'm just writing a post to link to it now. :)

In the second photo, I'm kneeling down next to you. What would be to your right (or the left of anyone viewing the photo).

Kylie said...

Great to see you posting again - I discovered your blog late last year and really enjoy reading it - especially your posts about gardens and rabbits. Having inherited a stray bunny who arrived in our backyard recently, I am also discovering the joys of rabbits.
- Kylie

Susan said...

Hey Kylie,

Yes i got slack for a while, getting back into it.
Do you have a blog also?

I love my bunnies, I'll have to post osme updated pics soon!