Friday, April 18, 2008

You are what you eat

I watch this show a fair bit on the lifestyle channel. The woman has a similiar accent to what my mum had so she reminds me a noit of her but I also just like her table layouts of what the family eat for the week, the crap then the healthier stuff.

So today after I did one of our weekly shops (I do two a week) I put everything out on the table and photographed it!

On the table here is

about 20 apples (red and green)
onions (red and white)
bag mixed lettuce
bag spinach leaves
bunch continental parsley
whole pumpkin
3 leeks
bunch baby carrots
3 punnets cherry tomatoes
bag mushrooms
6 large tomatoes
packet mixed sprouts
1/2 kilo ham
fresh mozzarella
goats fetta
sun dried tomatoes
2 jars mussels (plain and chilli)
tin sardines
1 roast lamb
1 kilo chicken wingettes
2 loaves wholemeal bread (vienna and regular)
2 litres milk (rev)
a big M
2 cans coke zero
4 ham/cheese rolls
2 doughnuts
2 packets fruit filled bars
3 tins spag
3 tins baked beans

So there you are :)
The lot cost about $90
On a normal week I'd need to add a bit more meat and another full fruit shop and a top up of vegies.
It was interesting to put it out and look at what I bought and what we eat over a few days.
The doughnuts and ham/cheese rolls arent something I buy often, I got them as a treat for the kids instead of takeaway tonight to make tea easy :)


Kez said...

Interesting exercise! I don't think Gillian (is that the host's name?) will be visiting your house any time soon :)

Linda said...

I looks lovely.

adrian2514 said...
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