Thursday, September 13, 2007

Knitting, gardening and more new pets!

I haven't been a very good blogger recently!
I've been a bit flat emotionally, need to see the doc to discuss my meds. But then again it is also that time of the month so maybe thats all it is.

I have been busy again though and have lots to update on!

The wrom farm is coming along well. I havent set up the second one yet but will soon. I give the worms food every few days to once a week and they are getting it though most of it now. You can see a mouldy apple in there the kids add to it sometimes too!

I planted tomato plants and some basil and chilli and a mini capsicum in the front bed of the new beds. Yes they are bought seedlings, I am going to grow more by seed though too, we just eat loads of tomatoes in the summer season and I magaed to grab quite a few different varieties including some heirloom toms and some diggers toms as seedlings.
My parsely self seeds each year and i always have an abundance with our new animal friends enjying it I have made sure i am transplanting the constantly emerging seedlings as they grow so we have an even more plentiful supply.
The radished are coming up more each day!
The snow peas are coming along very very nicely.
This is the potato bed and I also planted parsnip seed at the far end.
Last weekend the girls and I went to the market shopping for new pencils and a visual diary for them to make into their 'nature diary'
Each of them decorated their books and are journelling some of the things we are gorwing, writing about our pets and writing about any projects we do.
This week are growing carrot tops!

and here is my beautiful bunny Stella again. She has settled so well into our lives. we love her dearly :) She is a indoor house bunny mostly though she has a run outside she goes int for some sunshine and grass munching.
nibbling parsely leaves, one of her fav snacks!
and yes I am a sucker! We have 2 more new additions ot the house!
Meet 'Puss'
and 'Boots'

our darling new guinea pigs. Puss is just 5 weeks old and Boots is 12 weeks old.
The kids adore them and they are much more kid friendly than the rabbit so Stella is happier too :)
Plus I have so much more animal manure and hay for the compost and garden beds now.
I found a good cheaper produce store yesterday too and I will be growing a lot of their food for them.

Oh and my sugar n spice yarn came in so am part way through knitting my first dishcloth!


Ali said...

Puss and Boots are goregous :)

I love the idea of your duaghters doing a nature journal!

I have started to knit too, I bought some cotton from Big W...

Susan said...

what was the cotton called Ali? I looked in big W last week but couldnt find any.

lightening said...

The garden is looking great - hope it produces well.

The cotton you mentioned - is that softer in texture than other cottons? Have fun with the knitting anyway.

Hope you're feeling better soon. (((HUGS))) :-)

Ali said...

soory But I can't find the label from the cotton and a pic I took of it doesn't show it :( I noticed that Woolworths also sells it where the sewing stuff is.

Susan said...

Cool Ali, I'll have to have another look. I enjoy knitting away at night while I watch my tv shows, makes me sound such a fuddy duddy and I'm really only 33 yrs young! LOL
Not sure if the cotton is softer but it was recommended by someone else to use it.

Ali said...

I'm enjoying the knitting too ~ though I can only do a plain stitch!

Kez said...

I love your photos! (I think I say that every time lol).

Hmmm, mind if I steal the idea of the carrot tops? Are they just growing on damp cotton wool?

Susan said...

Ali, I am just doing plain stitch also :) I can do a pearl stitch too now, there are loads of websites that show you how to knit, thats how I figured out the pearl stitch.

Thanks Kez :) and yes go for it with the carrot tops. We just used an old clean meat tray, cotton balls and then added water til they were very wet and we top the water up if needed.

Lucy C said...

I love your 'pigs.
Great names.
The noise they make when it is feeding time always takes me straight back to my childhood when I kept them.

Miss K said...

your garden looks great!, i wish i had a worm farm!.... will look into that after i get my chook pen finshed... is yours home made?

Lucky-1 said...

Love the photos of the kids and their little giggle pigs:) Such happy faces.

Stella looks so much like my bunny Flossy:D

Susan said...

Hi MissK, yep the worm farm is home made, if you go back in my blog or click on the labels to the right marked worm farm then you'll see how I made it.

Hi Lucky, yes the kids are super happy with their piggies and Flosy must be gorgeous cause i know Stella is :)