Thursday, September 6, 2007


Not much of an update.
Been busy working. Built a mini run for Stella, who bny the way is slotting nicely into the family. I think she may be living indoors a fair amount in the long run, just have to work out living arrangmenets :) She now comes to us rather than running away and will be hand fed too now. She loves being outside in her run and burows in the hay and jumps about.

Garden news:
the cucmbers in the hot house have finally sprouted!
the radishes out the front have sprouted too.
the snow peas are growing rapidly now out the fornt too.
I dug into all the vegie beds a heap of horse manure today, fun smelly stuff!
I planted out a diggers tomato seedling too. It had been in the hot house but weas time to move it as t was getting too big for its little pot.

Still waiting my yarn delivery to start knitting my dishclothes!


Kez said...

You have been busy!

Kris said...

Do you lvoe digging in manure and compost and stuff? I always feel so caring and nurturing when I do things like that.

Susan said...

Sure do kris, I love all the jobs in the garden, even manure :)