Sunday, September 16, 2007

another piggy :)

Yesterday my middle daughter and I had some time together so we headed off to the keysborough animal shelter andJaime picked out a guinea pig for herself.
This is Ginger (middle guinea) and she starting to settle in here at home. There has been a bit of nippiong going on as they assert who is the dominant piggy which clearly being an adult guinea pig, has become the head of the trio.
I today gave them a nice bath each and a blow dry and did a thorough clean out of their hutch. Am bidding on ebay for a bigger hutch too now.

Also our rabbit has fallen in love with our dog! I am cracking up laughing here watching them play with each other and Stella is doing binkies all over the place showing her happiness.


Ali said...

ahh how cute!! Guinea pigs are great pets :)

lol at Stella having fallen in love with your dog!!

Miss K said...

Ashame you not closer i have a guinea pig hutch that needs a home :D-off to freecycle it
I also think its utterly adorable that your bunny and puddy are in love..... i have a duck that loves they chickens and the cat (although i believe it may all end in tears)

Lucy C said...

I am glad you are amassing a menagerie.
Keep those pocket pets coming, I say.

Susan said...

Yep and its chooks next Lucy! Just have ot get the right bid on a cubby on ebay for their home, thats the plan at present now.

I won the piggies a new 2.75 m long hutch off ebay a day or so ago so they will have heaps more room in their new home :)