Saturday, September 22, 2007

Guinea Pig Home

I bouhgt the guinea pigs a new hutch from ebay last week. Its really great, its 2.75m long and 70cms wide so heaps of space for the 3 little piggies to run around in! Plus it has an area undercover and also an area with no bottom so they can munch on the grass at their whim :)

I did have ot make some adjustments ot it though.

This is it as I picked it up.
Before shot, it came in 2 pieces. The main hutch part was fully enclosed with wire so I had to remove it form the end where the hutch was to attach on.

Inside the hutch BEFORE. It has a wire bottom and is just a bit too open for the piggies.AFTER:
This is the first after shot, before puting the last bits in.
I went and bought some timber and got my neighbour tocut it for me with his electric saw.
As you can see I enclosed the sides in more to protect them form the weather more.

I added string to the roof atached to the frame to make it easier to leave open.
The renovated inside :)
I covered the entire floor with wood.
Then I built them a covered home/sleep area (the box bit) and they will have a ramp (its there but I took it out after the photo as itsd not attached or safe yet)
The box part comes out easily for cleaning.
All finished with the piggies inside.
I bought about 10 metres of fleece from the op shop during the week and am cutting it up an trialling it for their bedding. under it is newspaper at the bottom then nappies on top then the fleece. this should mean cleaning is easier and not needed as often (before i had to do a full hutch clean every day)
There is a tray with paper and hay inside the box also.
They LOVE it!
They started running around and jumping all over the place like mad when we popped them in there.
they have sooooo much more space then they did before and I have been watching them tongiht through the window and they are consatantly back out to the grass for extra munching (even though I picked a big handful and added their daily veg to the covered area!)
My second kknitted dishcloth!
Love the colours, I want to knit myself a head band from the same cotton.
This one was much larger/longer than the last as Joey requested bigger cloths.


Kez said...

Looks like piggie palace to me!

Ali said...

the guinea pigs have a fantastic new home ~ as kez mentioned, it is a palace!!

love the colours in the dishcloth. What size needles did you use??

Susan said...

Yes it is a piggie palace :) I'd have them indoors but unfortunatly for them the rabbit gets right of way and she is indoors :)

Ali, I used size 4mm needles.Because that was the size I bought from the op shop :)
I have got a little collection happening now though and have about 6 sets of knitting needles now.

Ali said...

Thanks for that Susan! know that I've knitted my practice piece I want to knit a couple of dish cloths.

I am after some long ones to knit a rug.

lightening said...

I love the colours of your cloth too! You have a lot of projects coming along now. :-)

The name on your photo's - has that always been your name? I went to school with someone of the same name once upon a time. Not sure how common a name it is.

Susan said...

lightening yes its always been my name :) wonder if it was me? did you go to school in melbourne?
I know of 2 others with exactly the same name one in adelaide one in melbourne.

lightening said...

Yes, I went to high school in Melbourne. Chadstone High for 1 year and then Glen Waverley High for the rest.

Susan said...

OMG! Seriously? I went to Chadstone High :)

Now I want to know who you are. !!!!

Susan said...

Hey Lightening you can email me at I am so curious who you are :) My first thoughts are your name starts with a D? I may be completely wrong though :)

lightening said...

Have emailed you Susan. Wouldn't it be funny if we did indeed go to school together. LOL. My first name is Jodi though so not who you're thinking of. I was only there in 1987 so not very long.

sher67 said...

Susan and Jodi,
Hey I too went to chaddy high thats how I stumbled upon this site. I was there from 1980-1984.
My daughter would like her guinea pigs to have ahouse like this!! Great work..Love the dish cloths I make similar ones but crochet.