Thursday, September 27, 2007

School Holidays

I have been a slack blogger.

It is school holidays here though so we are busy!

Oh also I am going to Queensland from the 8th - 14th October. I am staying in brisbane and also going to the Gold Coast. I will be CHILD FREE! I am going on my own as am going for a girls weekend and also working (doing family portraits for people), I will have some spare time though and I have never been to Queensland before. i will have a car too so am looking for any suggestions on places to visit that I might enjoy. I am not interested in theme parks or the like being on my own.

So yes, it is school holidays. I bought the girls a knitting nancy each and they have been learning hjow to use them, also Tiahna, my eldest, has been learning how to knit.
They have been recording the goings on in the garden and wiht the animals in their Nature journals which they enjoy. Also both girls have started making their own scrapbook albums which has helped pass time away.
Liam has been outdoors playing ball, soccer, cricket etc at every spare chance, he is alittle bored though and I must find some 'boy' things he can enjoy.

I've been busy in the garden, doing a lot more planting of seeds and seedlings. I have planted out a guinea pig and rabbit garden out the front which so far has celery, coriander and parsely in it.
I planted out more capsicums, more tomatoes and some corn seed and sunflower seeds.
The silverbbet has all srouted out the front beds, the snow peas are going along really well and all the plants I planted in the first backyard bed are booming along nicely. I need to stake the tomatoes sometime today and plant out the other seedling I got during the week as we are about to get some good rain over the coming days.

Must get back in with some updated garden images soon!


Ali said...

I hope you enjoy your child free week away!!

I'd love to see pics of your children's nature journals as well as of your gardens :)

Kris said...


I come from Brisbane and I miss it (sometimes), or at least, I miss the cool stuff to do but not the traffic and house prices. If you've got the chance, try to make it to the Farmer's Markets at the Powerhouse in New Farm, it's a lot of fun, and the Organic Markets at the Northey Street City Farm, which is a permaculture community garden. Drought has made it less gorgeous than it used to be but it's still pretty inspiring.

West End is kind of vibey, and there's two good places there. One is Mondo, which is an organic cafe, and the other is the Lychee Lounge which is a (very non-organic) cocktail bar. If they still have the China Rose on the menu, I'd heartily recommend it if you like sweet but not fluffy drinks. Also, it's pretty close to the Art Gallery and Museum, which I've always really liked.

Finally, walking right around the city on the boardwalk (starting from New Farm) is really relaxed and you get a nice sense of high priced Brisbane urban life.

Susan said...

oh thanks for that Kris, all perfect suggestions!

lightening said... you've been a VERY slack blogger!!!! ;-) I hope you enjoyed your time away and didn't return to too much chaos. :-)