Saturday, August 4, 2007


On Saturdays I usually work, its the nature of my job, weekend work. For those that don't know I am a photographer, I photograph pregnant women, newborns, children families etc. I specialise in black and white and used to be a darkroom junkie, but have now entered the digital age.
So because I photograph children and families I often work weekends. The great thing about working for myself and the type of job i have means I am not usually gone long when I do go to a shoot and I do only do 3 shoots on average a week so I can be around at home more and be there for the kids etc.

So yes when I have a complete weekend off it is special, so today i decided to NOT sit inside all day!

This morning we all went down and watched my daughter play netball, then afterwards we participated in some local tree planting!
They were planting at the reserve next to netball so we stayed and planted for an hour and grabbed some great info on the local environmental group and also on more plantings in the coming weeks that we will go along and help out on.

Then I dropped everyone off at home and I ducked over to pick up some match box cars that had been offered up on Freecycle. Freecycle is great. I wouldn't have bothered with these cars if they weren't in my same suburb , just round the corner and my son is car crazy so he was most impressed!

Once home I took the kids out the front and let the other half sleep as he is working night shift tonight, we got stuck right into shovelling all the dirt onto the main two front beds. (ignore the smaller ones, that was my 3 year olds help, they need completely reshaping and redoing, but hey he tried to help!) we then added some blood and bone and some organic fertiliser and mixed it all in. Have to get some manure to ad to it then mix that in then lay a nice thick bed of straw over the top then we can think about planting!!

My girls, such pretty little sweet things they are! lol


Kate said...

Hi Susan, I've been enjoying reading your blog this morning, and also your posts on ALS. I live in suburban Melbourne too. I would *love* to grow vegetables on my front lawn (which is mostly moss and weeds) but have a massive deciduous tree on the nature strip that shadows our front garden and also extends its roots into our lawn. Congrats on giving up smoking, too.

Lucy C said...

The beds are looking great.
I have a friend in the Mountains who has done the same thing.
She had a problem with thieving though. Her chooks jumped a fence while she was on holidays and 'stole' all the seedlings. Apparently they roamed the neighbourhood wreaking havoc. My specialist wing clipping skills are needed at her place I think.