Friday, August 3, 2007

Day 5

5 days since i quit and I am doing just fine :)
I was a bit feral on day 1 and 2 but am feeling a lot more human now!

I haven't been in the garden this week due to work commitments but if the weather is good on the weekend I will be able to keep progressing with it all.
I have asked on my local freecycle group for any items to help wiht building the chook house, not sure if I'll get a response, I'm a little stuck wiht it as i am not a builder by any means!

Yesterday I taught a photography class at the breastfeeding assosciations Hot Milk conference. I have supported the ABA for many years now as i think that breastfeeding is a winderful thing to promote.

Teaching the class as interesting. I realised again my fear of public speaking. Initially I absolutely froze, felt myself go bright red! The class was difficult too as everyone had different cameras, some point and shoots some slrs and all different makes and models, then there were some with no cameras at all.
So I turned the class more into a long question and answer session. That was challenging as I was put on the spot but was able to answer everyone well enough I think!

I'm not entirely sure teaching is at all my forte in life, but hey I gave it a go!

Hopefully I'll be back after the weekend with some more updated garden images!


Kez said...

Yay you! Particularly brave to do the class while you were giving up :)

Polly said...

I'm full of admiration. First that you are still "smoke free" and second that you had the courage to take that class, something I could never do. Well done.

Good luck with the materials for you chook house.

Ali said...

I've been waiting for you to post again, as I was wondering how you were doing with the "not smoking".

That's great news ~ you should be proud of yourself :) In regards to the Freecycle request ~ I did the same thing, hope you get a response, I didn't!!

That's great about teaching the photography class ~ I hate public speaking and one day I know they're going to rope me into doing a workshop at my local Orchid & Foliage Society ~ thinking about it makes me anxious!!!

Ruey said...

Oh have been sooo busy! I've just had a really good long read and your chook run looks fabulous and your worms are living in style!!!

Good on you for your photography class....and a big hi5 for day 5 smoke free. I must admit that I have been smoking again since about May/June.....just when stress hit....just when we were out. But in the past has been stressful and we had been having at least 1 a day each. I've now quit smoke for over 24 hours now.

Lucy C said...

Hot Milk!
What a great name for an ABA conference.
I too am impressed that you lead a (smokefree)workshop.
Well done.
Looking forward to hearing about the progress on the Chook Kingdom.
Don't give up on freecycle.
Someone may still post.

Susan said...

Thanks guys :)

I woke up this morning and said to the other half 'gosh I feel good'
I just feel healthier, I should have done this long ago, but needed to be in the right mind space for it.

As for the class, yes was frightening speaking in font of that many, plus there was w oman video taping me which freaked me right out!! LOL

I am spoeaking again publicly in a week or two at a WAHM expo through a community expo, I am hping to be better prepared this time and hoping if I do this sort of thing more often I will start to get more confidence with it.

With Freecycle I dont expect too much, none of my wanteds have ben answered before but hey you can try right!

RUEY! Howdy, how are you? we really must catch up! I can totally relate to the smoking wiht stress and the smoking creeping into daily life. Well done on 24 hours! Come back and keep me updated on how its going or email me if you need any support :)