Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 1.

What a day!

Firstly I have a confession to make!

I quit smoking today. Hence the day 1 title.

I have never really been a full time smoker in my life but was leaning more that way in recent months. I'v always been a bit of a social smoker who will have one when out having drinks with friends. Then my mother died 3 years ago from lung cancer so i vowed to not smoke again. I had already not smoked for over a year due to being pregnant and then having a baby who was 4 months old when my mum passed.

Then 12 months after my mum passed my best friend was tragically killed in a car accidnet. that night I started smoking. I figured I had it under control, it was a stress thing for the few weeks after his death then it went back to being a social thing.

Again I quit a few months later to only take it up again when I seperated from my partner last year for 6 months. The stress form that was huge and for me smoking was one of my crutches i used to help me through.
I stopped at new years for 4 weeks then after a huge argument one day i started again.

So fast forward to now and the last few months my partner and I have gotten back together and things have been improving (except today but thats another story) I feel I have gotten a bit of 'me' back the last few months and I have not liked the fact I was smoking. Unfortuantly it isn't that easy to just stop.

But I am going to do it. I had my last one last night and will not have anymore. I was sititng outside last ngiht having it and was looking at my worm farm, thinking of the plans for the vegies, the chooks etc and thought how silly that I want all that yet I'm doing somethign so harmful to myself and i am sure has to be harmful to the environemnt also!

Now on a very positive note I had my working bee wiht my two female neighbour friends today! It was very productive!

We started out the front and laid newspaper over one of the larger no dig beds then shovelled a good pile of dirt form the big dirt pile that was out there.

We then headed out the back t do the chook run area.
we spent all afternoon on it and it is now ready to have the fence fixed and to start on the chook house!

This is just some of what we found under the grass/weeds
-about 40 besser blocks
-about 10-15 bricks
-about 20 heavy irons (used for hangis)
-one hangi basket
-some chicken wire
-some other wire
-corrugated tin
-2 large hoses
-some sort of pump?
-lots of wood
-2 large bread trays

and more!

We filled 3 red bins with weeds and scraps.
This is as much as we are weeding, the chooks will enjoy the rest.

I am absolutely aching, it was all very hard work but good in many ways!


Kez said...

Good luck with the quitting smoking Susan!

Sounds like you had a very successful day today - enjoy a rest tonight!

Ali said...

wow, you got a lot accomplished! and best of luck with the quitting smoking :)

Susan said...

Thanks guys. The quitting is turning out to be a little harder than expected. I am doing it though, just was quite crabby tonight!

and yes I feel like we acomplished heaps today! thanks!

Polly said...

What a fantastic job you've done. Great work.
Susan I finally gave up smoking when I was 39 and 18 years later I haven't been tempted once. It's such a good feeling to not have to rely on those stinky, poisonous things. Good luck and stay strong.

Susan said...

Thanks Polly :)

I love sucess stories too, helps the motivation!
I am ok today, my partner is being way less than supportive but i am determined, i dont want to do it anymore!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Lucy C said...

I am very excited for you!
Just think, the more $$$ you save on the 'cancer sticks' the more chooks you can buy!!!
You don't know it yet but you will become addicted to the chooks!
They are very dangerous. Grin.

Susan said...

thanks guys and yes absolutely Lucy! I have been thinking of where I can spend it in the garden too :)

Plus hey it is the best decision health wise!

Lisa said...

Well done Susan! Stay strong and keep reminding yourself why you have quit!
The side for you chooks looks great...what a fantastic transformation :)
I love all your pics too.