Sunday, August 5, 2007

Menu Planning and some rambling.

Firstly 1 week of no smoking! woohoo, feeling really good about it!

I was chatting with Joey today (the other half) saying how good i felt and how I feel I am getting more organised, healthier etc etc. I was talking about how after my mum died (august 1st 2004) how I got stuck right into the garden as a way of coping and for stress relief and how it really helped, how I started to go to the gym and walk often a few months after she passed away and I felt good, it again helped me cope, How I used to be more organised, I used to menu plan, cook new meals each week and just generally take better care of myself. Then on the week before her 1 yr anniversary of her death we lost Damian, a very special friend the world just crashed around me. Over the past 2 years I have gained a fair amount of weight (am currently 97-98 kilos was 80 kilos the day of his death and was at the gym 4 times a week as well other excercise) I became super disorganised and struggled with day to day tasks.
My partner and i also separated last year for 6 months which added to the stress that was mounting in my life. Physically after my mums death I was not in a good way either due to damaging my pelvis during the birth of my son.

That all sounds quite depressing, but sometimes I think we need to look at some of the things we have overcome and gotten through in life to better appreciate the things that make us happy, to better notice when we are taking good care of ourselves, when things are going good.

For me, things are good and I like being able to say that. Not perfect, but thats all the fun of it. I am now back into gardening, have goals, ideas, plans and am acting on them. I am a lot happier than I have been for a while and it feels good.

So after that ramble! Today we picked up and delivered a washing machine from freecycle to my brother in law who hasn't had a working one for a very long time, as we did it we smiled at our good deed done for the day! We then went to the shops and had some yummy sushi and sahimi as alate lunch and then did the food shopping. I was craving roast lamb so thats what is cooking now in the oven! One thing I thought of whilst shopping is how I really need to get back to menu planning, it saves money and means we eat variety and helps us to be more organised.

So after all that rambling here is my proposed next fortnights menu plan!

Sun: Roast lamb and vegies
Mon: Lentil shepherds pie
Tues: Pork noodle stir fry/sausages and veg for kids
Wed: Osso Bucco casserole
Thurs: Marinated chicken pieces and vegies
Fri:Fried rice and honey soy chicken
Sat: Take away/fend for yourself night.
Sun: Roast Pork (in camp oven)
Mon: Lasagna
Tues: Tofu noodle stir fry
Wed: Chicken curry/ sausages and veg for kids
Thurs: Quiche and salad
Fri: Chow mein
Sat: take away/fend for yourself night.


lightening said...

Congratulations on the no smoking efforts!!! That's great.

I think your menu plan sounds very yummy too!!!

It's hard to look after ourselves when we're feeling down. Can be a nasty spiral effect can't it. The good thing is it works in the reverse as well. You do a bit for your health and feel better and that can inspire you to do more. If only I could find a way to *stay* on the up spiral and avoid the down. :-) That's life though isn't it.

Kez said...

Well done on making it to 1 week!!

I'm glad you're starting to get on top of things and feeling better. Good on you.

Ali said...

woohoo for not smoking for a week now!!

It's great that you are feeling better for it, as well as in other parts of your life. *hugs* Ali

Polly said...

Well done Susan. Sounds like you're on top of the cravings. That's wonderful.

When I'm down I eat too much and it is soooo hard to get rid of the extra weight once it's been there a while isn't it?

Lightening is right when she says "You do a bit for your health and feel better and that can inspire you to do more" Good luck.

Susan said...

Thanks for the support :)
Yes I totally agree, I have noticed that the happier I am and the more positive changes I make the more I want to make and the more i want to take care of myself.

Lisa said...

Nice range of menus there :) I'm interested in the tofu stir fry as so far we have had no luck in making tofu taste of you buy the marinated or plain one? If plain what do you add to it?