Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Worm Farm

OK, we built our worm farm yesterday!
Yesterday was one of those cruddy days, I wasn't in the greatest of moods so in the afternoon I took off on my own for a few hours. I headed out to the hampton park tip/recycle centre and visited their shop. I picked up some really cheap outdoor toys for the kids, a book, a plant/tree for the front yard and a cane toy basket/chest for the kids cubby for toy storage in there.
I then headed into Dandenong and went to the op shop there and scored osme books, 2 on natural health and a couple of kids books.

I was on the hunt for some fly screen for my worm farm.
I then headed to menzies ave to the op shop there to see if I could score anything in my plight to build my worm farm. No luck. I then went to the green grocer nearby and they use all cardboard boxes so again no luck!

It was then that I thought that we actually might already have everythign we needed at home.
I was right. In the garage were 2 styrene boxes, there was no flyscreen but there was a heap of shade cloth so i used that instead. We already had tape. I used a couple of the breezer blocks I found in the new chook area to raise it off the ground. A coke bottle form the recycle bin for the drain hole and newspapers fromt he recycle bin to help start the bedding.

Some of the materials.

My daughter, aged 5, she is absolutely fascinated by bugs and loves getitng her hands into stuff. She was so excited by the box of worms and immediately stuck both hands in for a dig around. She asked if she could keep this worm seprate as a pet and wanted to name him.
Cutting a hole in the bottom styerene box for a drain hole. I taped it in place.

Rested the first box on the breezer blocks. I put a small piece of wood under the left block to give it a slight tilt to the drainage side.

Inside the base. I placed a brick incase the worms fallin and there is too much liquid in there, they have a place to be safe and not drown.Plus it weighs the bottom half down a bit.Preparing the top box. We poked loads of holes in the underside of the box first.

Then placed it on top of the first box and put a piece of shade cloth in the bottom.
Added the worms bedding. shredded newspaper, compost and some dirt.
we then added the worms, a very small amount of food/scraps and thewn covered the lot with damp newspaper.

I will get a hessian bag to go over the top. i know there are some somewhere in the garage, just have to find them!

Last night I cooked a deliscious lentil shepherds pie too, though we never made it into a pie, we just had the mixture with mashed potatoes on the side.


Lisa said...

Great job, I am thinking of trying to build one myself especially if my compost heap doesn't work out. My biggest fear would be killing all the worms :(

Ali said...

that's great that you made your own worm farm :)

Susan said...

LOL Lisa! Give it a go! I'm hoping mine survive too :)

I bought some paint yesterday so the kids can paint it this weekend to make it look prettier :)