Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Ok, Today I did yet more weeding and I also went in and measured the area for the chickens so i can start to plan what and how I will build the hen house. I did this dodgy drawing in photoshop of the area wiht the measurments. I am going to draw up the whole backyard this way, saves paper and I can easily edit ideas in in photoshop. (remember if you click on images they come up larger)

Todays weeding progress.

Some of what was found under the weeds!!! Doing the measurments I realised there is a lot of stuff hidden under the grass/weed behind here!

I had a chat wiht 2 of my nieghbours today and they wil come on Monday for a working bee so we can tackle this a bit harder with help!
My goal is to have actual chickens wihtin 2 months of when I first started this. so one week into it really now.


Polly said...

You're making great progress. It's going to be a wonderful area for your chickens.

libby said...

Just came across your blog. Shame you haven't got chooks already - they'd do all the weeding for you :-). I have 6 hens and they are such fun.


Lucy C said...

What a great before and after shot.
How long do you think til you can get your birds?

Susan said...

Our aim is within 2 months lucy, but I am planning a couple of working bees with the neighbours help and we may have found an unused chook house so we may not have to build one so it may be sooner than I thought!