Sunday, July 22, 2007

I guess you have to start somewhere!

Ok so we started to weed the,to be, chicken run area. Oh what a mammoth task this is turning ut to be! The weeds are sooooo thick and there is just so much of it!
Uncovered a foam pillow and 2 very long redwood sleepers or at least thats what I think they are since we have them elsewhere in our garden.
I actually weeded about 2 square metres and it took a while and filled the red garden waste recycle bin (not composting this stuff due to the weed it is)
I know it looks like we barely touched it, but really we did! The kids helped too which was fun, they talked about how we are getting chickens to go there.


Amanda O. said...

Just surfed in from Backyard Poultry and wanted to say welcome and good luck with your chooks-to-be! I'm Cabrissi on the board, in Pakenham Upper. IME if you want help weeding, chooks tend to consider many green things to be delightful snacks and will probably "weed" it all for you as long as it's not on the toxic to chooks list! My 5 ducks and 5 chooks do a remarkable lot of lawn-mowing in a short time when browsing!

Lucy C said...

I'm from BYP too!
I love the photos of your garden.
Makes me feel ok about my disaster area too.
Very exciting that you are getting chooks.
No home should be without them.
Can you get some ducks too?
They are so much fun and you can breed them without having to have a rooster.
I'm hoping for ducklings some time this century!!

Lucy C said...

I like your red garbage bin.
How did you get your name on it?

Susan said...

Hey Lucy :)

My name is just text written over the photo file for copyright its just a bit too big :) Being a photographer I do it out of habit wiht most of my photos.

Polly said...

Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the shots of your garden and I look forward to seeing how that narrow area looks after all your hard work when the chooks are installed. You'll love having chooks I'm sure. I do. :-)

Lucy C said...

Ha, ha. Silly me. I should have worked that out.
It would be fun to put our names on the bins.
I would like mine on the recycling bin.
Garbage bin is too smelly!!!