Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Garden July 07 and freecycle

OK, so I went around today and photographed different patches of the garden.
It's a bit sad just how neglected it has become over the last 12 months. Unfortunately work and personal commitments took precedence over it but not anymore!

Firstly this is the area down behind the garage where we want to clear out and build a chook shed and run. The area is a good size and we could easily have 6-8 chickens comfortably in there (and let them out to free range properly)

This gate will be replaced eventually but the wood used form it will go towards the project or towards the new gate, this one isn't working as well as it should and isnt secure enough.

The pile of over grown grass on the left here is actually at my chest height and I am 174cms! There is a lot of stuff under this awful kikyu? grass/weed. I saw wire, tin, bricks, concrete etc, will be interesting to see what we can find and hopefully reuse some of it in the process!out the front, facing in form the street, wanting to plant something in that gap, ideally one day we'll gut the fornt yard and start all over again.

I grew vegies in the front yard for the first 2 years here, but not last year as I had thieves the year before. This year I am doing it again, will build raised beds, most likely 4 seperate ones. That dirt will go as a base in them

facing the house, very shady here and not much grows. the Jade plants are looking a bit worse for wear, well one is thriving one is dying, cant be good feng shui! again any advice?

and I've joined my local Freecycle! I have gotten rid of a full length mirror and a rocking chair so far and gained a desk.

standing on the grass at the top off our yard and shotting from each angle.

Standing in drive and shotting in each direction

I grew tomatoes and some vegies here last year, this year I want the stump removed and to make more of a garden here

from the other side(driveway side) I grew tomatoes in the lower garden by the retaining wall. This year not sure what I will do here.

the kids cubby, going to do a potted garden in colourful pots round it and get the kids to help do it.

a neighbour gave us all this bluestone, still not sure what to do with it! any ideas!

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