Saturday, July 28, 2007


It's been a productive day!

My eldest child and youngest were out all day as was the other half so it was just me and jaime, my middle daughter who is 5yrs old and loves helping me!

So today I was going to sit and do computer editing work for work but once the sun shine came out we decided it was a good idea to get outdoors!

I found a use for all the bluestone we were given! They re going to edge our vegie beds out the front! The 2 larger beds will be no dig gardens and the smaller ones will be dug and will be for shallow rooted plants like lettuce etc. The rocks arent in their set places, just laid out to give me an idea of the shapes of the beds, we still have loads more bluestone if I want to change their size/shape etc.There is still obviously alot of work to do but it took ages to move all this stone!

I planted a pittosporum out the front too, I chose this as it should grow and fill that gap and hopefully deter vegie thiefs!

Meet jaime, my helper, pretending to drive daddy's ute.

After all the hard work of the fornt yard I wanted to do somethign abit more fun wiht Jaime, so we grabbed the paints I bougth this week and we decorated the worm farm. it looks much brighter now :)

We then went to the shops and got some bits and pieces and have cooking some yummy scalloped potatoes and we're having kangaroo tonight wiht them.

all in all a good day



Kez said...

That's the coolest worm farm I've ever seen :)

The yard should look great when all the beds are in - I was wondering how you'd go detering vege thiefs!

Ali said...

that's great that you're utilizing the front garden for growing vegies. The worm farm looks awesome painted :)