Monday, March 12, 2012

the pantry

We've done some rearranging around the house.

With so many of us we really needed something more than my pokey little kitchen for space. The front of our house is an old traditional type 40's/50's weatherboard with the old l-shape lounge. The room had been out of use for sometime (it was my ex's hang out spot when he lived here so after he went i kind of just never used it) and had become a place that collected junk. So after much sorting, pulling up of carpets, polishing floorboards etc we now have converted it into two rooms. A bedroom for Campbells two boys and the bit that leads into the kitchen is now alarge walk in pantry. Its great as there is loads of storage space now. We have an upright deep freezer so its been moved in there (after living for the last 2 years on my deck) and Campbells fridge has been moved in there also. Thi
s allows us to shop in bulk more and to have more space for the food for the hoarde of people and pets who reside here!

The now pantry, used to host a bar so we pulled the bar out but l
eft the shelf and cuoboards that were behind the bar. these have formed awesome pantry shelves for all out tinned food, school snacks, and other things that can live alittle exposed.

In the original kitchen pantry I now have a full shelf entirely for herbs spices etc. and loads of space for the every day cooking things like flour etc and the stuff the kids use all the time (cereal and spreads)

Next job is to continue into the kitchen cupboards and donate all the unused plates, pots,pans etc to the op shop and sort it into usable space again!

The thing I love most is I can now easily see at a glance what we have in stock so when menu planning it will make things a lot easier!

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