Monday, February 27, 2012

Menu Planning

Having a larger family to feed means I have had to go back to menu planning. It is good though but its taking laitle time ot form the new habit properly again. I noticed when I did it a few weeks ago just how much cheaper the shopping was for the week, plus we ate a lot healthier than usual with hardly any take away or buying on the run.

I try to plan for breakfasts and lunches too, more importantly too now as I am doing michelle bridges 12wbt and need to be organised foodwise to keep those calories under control (and be not hungry!)

So this week in no particular order we have for

Breakfasts -
corn flakes
eggs (poached , scrambled or fritata)
toast - with spreads for kids with avocado and tomato (or one or the other) for us.
yoghurt (need to make up a batch in the yoghurt maker)

kids rolls/sandwishes and left overs.
Us - leftovers.
vegie curry
penang curry
chicken and salad
beef and salad
chicken and avocado wraps with cottage cheese

Chow mein
penang curry
vegie curry
thai beef salad
sausages.mash/veg (kids)
kievs (kids) and salad
Chicken and salad (us)
tuna pasta
fish and veg
Beef and noodle soup
Pork and coleslaw/veg

some of the meals are already cooked, I've been cooking tonight and sorting kids snacks into boxes ready to go for week etc too. Trying to save time/have better time management. we'll see how it goes.

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