Monday, November 24, 2008

Menu PLan Monday

Its Monday again!
Doing the menu plan last week really made a difference. I've come across during the week and see they have aplanned Menu PLan MOnday each week. It looks like a great place to get lots of recipe ideas from!

Firstly as an aside, I have injured my hip. Its avery pain ful injury that means I can not excercise, that I can barely work and barely do anything really! I have been and will be posting about it and the lead up to the surgery on . The reason I am mentioning it is one thing I can do that I do enjoy is cook. and because I will be very limited excercise wise I will need to eat healthier so to not gain back the 10 kilos I have worked hard to lose this year. Living with this injury for a period of time in the wait til surgery and the recovery wil be a very testing time personally also.

Anyway back to menu planning!
As I said last week was a success and we found we ate almost all of the vegies and fruit in the house and nothing went to waste (not that there is ever really food waste with the chooks around!)

So Left in the fridge: - cabbage (I think there is 3 of them now!), bok choy, little piece brocolli, 1 corn, cucumber, 2 eggplants.

Meat we have already : - 5-6 chicken breast fillets. half a kilo chicken wings. chicken casserole pieces 1-2 kilos

Being delivered this week- 8 litres milk, 1 block cheese, 2 litres orange juice, 5 loaves wholemeal bread.
Fruit veg box this week will contain :-
Snapshot 2008-11-24 22-14-08

this weeks menu plan:-
- Chicken salad
- Chicken rissotto (mushroom, spinach, pumpkin leek)
- spag blognaise
- asian style omelettes and quiche for kids.
- tandoori lamb casserole
- lentil curry (carried over form last week - will be made for hubby and my lunches)
- chicken curry - japanese style to use up some cabbage.
- leftovers and salads throw together (to make use of the sald stuff and any leftovers during the week.
- cauliflour soup (cause I just peeked and there is a full head of it stashed in the fridge vegie drawer!)

- I also am going to bake some zuchini and choc chip muffins this week for school lunch snacks and just extra snacks.

need to buy:-
- half kilo uncooked prawns
- 1 kilo lamb (either shouler to cut myself or diced already)
- mince meat

- rissotto rice
- ham (for sandwiches and quiche)
- sesame oil
- choc chips
- wholemeal self rasing flour
- natural yoghurt

- extra carrots
- extra apples
- bean sprouts
- pumpkin
- beans (frozen if no good fresh)


Sandi said...

I love your menu, and I love that you get a box of veggies and fruit delivered. Sounds yummy!

libby said...

Well done on the menu planning and getting almost everything used up. I didn't do my plan this week and am just using up what needs to be used. Feels funny not to know what I'm cooking in advance but it's been nice for a change.