Thursday, November 20, 2008

1st shopping week

OK did the rest of our weekly shopping. Was easier shopping with a planned list. The hubby spoilt it though as he went out aswell after work and got some items so we went alittle over what I budgeted and ended up with a few things doubled up and things we didnt need. BUT thats ok as I also got some cheaper/discounted items so a few things will last weeks/months (the very large tin of olive oil that was on special, the extra bottle of lime juice cordial as it was discounted if you bought 2)

So no savings into the account this week but I do know we have saved from previous weeks shopping. i found we were creeping over the $300 mark way to often for our food. I know the kids eat a lot and both hubby and I eat all our meals from home (I work from home and he works funny hours so is home during the day a lot)

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