Friday, August 17, 2007

water bills and worm farms

We got a water bill today. We were down to 284 litres of water a day! same period last year was 410 litres a day so a good drop. Even 410 a day is ok as last year there were 6 people living here for that periods bill.

I picked up another worm farm yesterday too! I got this one through freecycle. its a can-o-worms worm farm. Figured 2 will give me even more lovely worm castings and worm wee for the garden!
Just have to get some worms for it as we don't have enough yet in the other one as its only been going a few weeks.

I got my diggers seed cataloguie today in the post too and have been looking through thinking what i will grow!


Polly said...

That water bill is fantastic Susan. Congratulations.

Ali said...

woohoo on the reduced water bill!!

and yeehaa on the free worm farm ~ I'm jealous!! That's a great freebie :) My local Freecycle seems "dead".

Ali said...

forgot to add earlier ~ how's the reorganizing of the study/office going??

Susan said...

slowly Ali, slowly :)

Kez said...

Well done - great savings there!

BTW - you've been "schmoozed" :) Check my blog.

Crazy Mumma said...

Wow, that's sensational Susan ;-) Any tips on getting your water use down so low? Ours is waaay above yours and I've been working on it, dammit! Well done on the worm farm too, nice work ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great reduction on the water.
I am in the process of making a new worm farm mine is so over crowded that there are more worms than castings.

Susan said...

With the water, not sure on tips.
we do most of the regular stuff.
We do have a water tank in and use that for everything outdoors. I have a grey water hose going out form my wahsing machine to the garden.
we dont flush the loo overnight and sometimes during the day.
the kids baths are kept shallow and its no big deal if they miss a day.
We keep our showers short and have a good water saving shower head.
Taps off when washing hands, brushing teeth etc.
only half fill the sink to wash the dishes and then half fill the smaller sink next to it for rinsing any cups etc.
I think one of the bigger reduction is the Father in law now uses the tank water to make his home brewed beer (which he makes in our garage) as that invlovles a fair amount of water.