Tuesday, August 21, 2007

busy busy.

I haven't posted an update all weekend!
I'll try to keep it brief.
was spent doing a lot of cleaning round the house, a bit of catching up. No work in the garden, just lots of sorting and tidying inside. Joey also took the kids to see the Simpsons movie and I got a few hours peace!
More cleaning was done (some days it feels like it is never ending!) then it was out into the garden!
The kids helped build one of the top vegie beds and turn the dirt.
I then emptied the compost and moved it and gave it a good turning as I refilled it. i also was able to get quite a few buckets of it to use on the garden beds. I then trimmed the lemon tree, it has some strange growth happening, bulbous bits? might have to look it up and see if its something bad or not!
Here are the girls hard at work.

Jaime loves helping in the garden and seeing what friends she can find.

My little man and his cheesy grin, gone are the days of natural images of him, you have to fast or you get the cheese!Monday:
Went op shopping with my sister. Got loads of great buys. Havent taken pictures but got loads of books, some parenting ones, some cooking, some gardening. Got some great outfits for the girls, skirts and dresses. I got myself a new handbag (will take a photo during the week and post it) I also went shopping for an outfit for jaime for book week parade.
I picked up some seed potato too for planting, 1 kilo of it. Now need to get that bed ready down the side of the house.

Today: The girls had a bookweek dress up day at school today. They had to choose a character form a book and dress like them.
My eldest Tiahna, dressed as a netballer as she is reading the 'netball diary' and jaime dressed as 'Holly Hobbie'
Jaime's book is actually my book form when i was a child, It was one of my favs. I still adore the illustrations in it.
with her teacher who was dressed as 'puss in boots'

I so want to learn how to sew. We had to buy a hat for Jaime as I can't sew so couldn't make her abonnet. The apron and dress we scored dirt cheap at the op shop though.


Lucy C said...

Love the stories and photos.
I am Book Week phobic.
I really fear the dress-up requests as I can't sew either.
Ours is next Tuesday. I am hoping the kids will decide they don't want to wear a costume!!!
How is the chook run going?
You know I am really looking forward to your family getting your birds.

Susan said...

Hiya Lucy!
LOL, I so cant sew either. i strongly encouraged my kids to pick books we could dres up without havign to sew :)
If after some ideas of easy costumes there was a cool 'paper bag princess' today which was someone in a big paper bag (think paper sticy taped togehter) and a crown!
Lots of harry potters (scar drawn on and dressed in nice pants and shirt carrying straw broom.
lots of pirates and princesses and fairies (somethign many kids have costumes already for, well everyne except us!When I scoured the op shops i found a few really cheap dress up outfits too.

Susan said...

oh and witht he chook run, just waiting on a weekend with good weather and the getitng together of my dad and a neighbour (they can sort of build stuff, we cant at all, cant sew, cant build but hey I have dreams still!) so hopefully will be in the next few weeks, have gathered plenty of material to make it (all recycled)

Ali said...

you certainly have been busy ~ it's great to see your children helping in the garden :)

I had lots of Hollie Hobbie stuff as a little girl....

That's great that you've got all recycled stuff to build your chook house. I haven't managed to get any yet....

Lucy C said...

My trick is to go to the $2 shop and say to the kids "What can we buy here that could be a book character?".
One year we got butterfly wings and Kathryn went as the butterfly from 'The Very Hungry Catterpillar'.
I thought that was a bit of a stretch but as it didn't involve sewing or any craft I was prepared to look like a lazy mother!!!
Oh yeah, we also got ladybird wings and I tried to convince Simon to be a ladybird from the nursery rhyme but he decided he didn't want to dress up and in the end pretended to be a robber in the parade.
I wasn't there to witness that years Book Week humiliation!!
Think I will stay home this year too. He wants to go as Capatin Underpants!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

You really do take lovely photos.

The bulbous bits on your lemon tree sound like gall wasp. They lay their eggs inside the branches of citrus trees and when they hatch the branches are riddled with holes and greatly weakened. They will infest and destroy the whole tree, if given the chance.

My lemon tree looks like a carcass because I didn't realise what they were and ended up having to cut off all the damaged bits last Spring, after they hatched. Some of my other citrus trees were also affected.

These little monsters have only been as far south as us for about a decade, since the weather became so much hotter.

Polly said...

Like Kate I think you have gall wasps . :-)
I am soooo glad I'm way past all that dress up stuff at school. I was always a dismal flop because I either tried too hard and over did it or I didn't try at all and looked like a very neglectful mother. I feel sick just thinking about some of the easter bonnet creations I made :-(

I love your photos too especially the last two black and white ones.

Kez said...

Gorgeous photos as usual!

You just reminded me I had a Holly Hobbie quit cover as a kid - I'd completely forgotten about that!

My son does that cheesy grin too - pleading to just smile normally doesn't work so I have heaps of cheesy photos!

Susan said...

oooh thanks! well I know what I am doing tomorrow now! heavily pruning the lemon tree. i looked up gall wasp on google and found pictures, its definitely what it is! No wonder the tree has looked a bit ill the last few years!

Susan said...

Oh Kez, I am now bididng on a holly hobbie quilt cover for jaime for her room :) I bought another book off of oztion also!