Monday, August 27, 2007


My poor aching arms.
We had another working bee here today wiht the neighbours.
We weeded and dug the entire side of the house (see previous pictures from older post to see how weedy it was)
This is where the potatoes will be grown. (between the tank and fence)

Huge job here, dug and turned all of the soil, removed all the weeds and transplanted all the self seeded seedlings to the bed in the back.
Still more work to do but definitely getting there!
My sprouted snow peas out the fornt.

The transplanted lettuces from the part where we dug the 2 new beds.
The silverbeet will most likely go to seed now which is a good hting.
I am so so sore. and I still have a game of netball to go play!


Ali said...

wow, you certainly got a lot achieved today in the garden :)

Susan said...

yes my body feels it too! I wnt out and bought some blood and bone and some straw mulch so i can add that to them tomorrow.

Scaramouche Jones said...

You ever see The Good Life? :)

Lucy C said...

Nice work Susan.
I spent Sunday mucking out the chooks.
Very satisfying to hear them clucking about in their new clean straw.

Susan said...

I look forward to that sound Lucy! Thats now our next project, finishing the chook shed/run.