Saturday, June 16, 2007

op shopping

Well I had alovely lovely afternoon yesterday, went tinkering waround op shops in the arfternoon all on my lonesome! It was great.

I picked up some nice buys. Some clothes for Jaime, a black jacket, a beanie and a skirt. I'll take a pic later and show you all.
I also got a shirt for Liam, so saddle club books for Tiahna, a book on organics for me and a novel for me too. I also got some cool old fashioned photography booked from the 60's.

my best buy though were these ultra cool pots. I knew I wanted them as soon as I saw them. I am going to drill holes in the bottom of them and use them as plant pots int he backyard, just have to decide what to grow in them now!

I am doing heaps of research at the moment on building a chook house form recycled materials, thats my next project!

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