Friday, May 18, 2007

an update :)

I'm not the most regular of bloggers, but I like blogs because i like reading back over time to see change and where I was at.

So lets see, its been about 4 weeks i think since i stopped washign my hair and went water only. Its a bit greasy today but generally its fine.Its softer and easier to brush. The kids have been longer then me and their fine too. I'm still suproised it doesnt smell sweaty or yuk!

I have started working on some of the things on my list.

We are having a house valuation next week so we have done LOADS of decluttering and the entire house and garden have had a complete spring clean! After the valuation I will taking all the bagged and boxed items and having a stall at a trash and treasure market then donating all of the left over or may list soem things on freecycle!

Since we have been sorting and declutering and cleaning so much the reducing my garbage waste has dismally failed, in fact it nearly doubled this week!

I've been more conscious of the compost again and have my scrap bowl back, really need to look into worm farming and building a dog composter!

Another thing I have dismally failed is taking my reusable bags shopping! I suck at it and really must make more effort.


casso said...

Hey Susan - I didn't realise you had a blog, look at that! :o)

Decluttering is both great (wow, look at how much I don't need anymore!) and depressing (look at how much I bought, wasted money on and wasted the earth's resources on as well for no real reason). :o( I was talking about this on another friend's sustainability blog recently.

And are you going vego? Yay, another convert! :o) I have been vegetarian now for about 19yrs, so I can't actually remember what meat tastes like. DH is veg as well and Harriet is being brought up vegetarian as well.

Ok, enough rambling from me, just thought I would leave a little message to say HI and that I will read more from now on. Oh, and will be watching your hair progress with interest. How long is your hair? Thick or fine?

Cheers, Cass

Crazy Mumma said...

Hi Susan, I've just come across your blog through ALS and wanted to say how glad I am that this little community of Aussie bloggers trying to live more simply and sustainably is growing :-) I started out with a list very similar to your about 10 months ago, and I should warn you that simplfying is addictive! LOL. Well done on the no 'poo though, that's one thing I haven't been game to try yet! Cheers :-)

P.S. HI CASS! Fancy "seeing" you here, LOL.

rhonda jean said...

Hi Susan. It's good to see other Australians on the path to simplicity. Like you, I love the record keeping aspect of blogging. Keep it coming. : )