Sunday, May 6, 2007

The begining of the list

Eat More Vegetarian Meals:
This is for both health reasons and the environment. Another bonus is it's often cheaper too!

Cook One New Recipe Every Week:
To keep it interesting. Plus got to make better use of the zillion cookbooks I own!

Menu Plan:
It saves money, it helps me eat healthier, it makes cooking easier and less stressful as i have the ingredients there.

Declutter My Life:
Starting with the house first, sell things we no longer use or need. Give away as much as we can. Make an effort to work on this one every day. It will take time but it will happen.

Use More Enviro Friendly Cleaning Products:
In the kitchen, laundry, bathroom etc.

Vegie Garden:
Get it up and fully functioning again. Work on soil improvement.

Start a Worm Farm.

Imrpove Our Compost.

Make/Build a Dog Poo Composter.

Save Even More Water:
we're pretty good already but we can always improve!

Drive Less, Walk More.

Use Less Power:
We've switched almost all our globes over now, need to finish that. Make an effort to keep all lights off when not needed. Switch more appliances off at wall when not in use.

Redesign The Front Yard:
It needs a complete overhaul.

Clean the Area Behind the Garage:
Gut it out, then get CHICKENS in! Build the coop and area from recycled materials.

Reduce Garbage Bin Waste :
Our small green bin is usually very full each week. That's for 3 adults and 3 children. I want to aim to reduce this. I have one big obstacle, my FIL is bin obsessed, he feels they need to be filled every week and goes out fo his way to find things to fill them (for instance he once cut down a tree just to fill the garden waste bin! I was horrified!

Reduce PLastic Bag Usage:
I really need to keep the green bags in the car. This is one thing I am bad at and its simple and needs improving!

Eat More Organic Foods:
More motivation to grow more of my own.

Excercise at Least 5 Times a Week.
For obvious reasons.

Buy and use a Diva-cup:
and cloth pads too.

Get More Sleep

Read more:
and more variety.

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