Monday, July 20, 2009

Steps towards a declutered home.

I have been talking about how cluttered and out fo control messy my house has become over the past few months (probably longer really!)

So I have been taking steps to declutter. It seemed such an overwhelming task when I started and it was so hard to figure out where to start. Usually I would empty a room and focus on that, but honestly that is too overwhelming and time consuming when I work full time running my own business and take care of 3 kids!

So... I have made a decision to every day do at least 1 'spot' this spot can be small or it can be bigger. But not too big.

Yesterday I cleared out the utensil drawer, we had too many old spatulas, serving spoons and more stuff that we never use and wont use so i tossed them and washed the draer out then restocked it heatly and more organised.
I then did the plastics cupboard, this was easy as I did it 6 months ago so i only had to tos one lid that no longer had apartner and then resort it into an organised manner again.
Then I cleaned up the backyard. The lawn (well where there was once lawn) had alot of general rubbish and kids toys and just well mess. So tidied it all then swept and bagged up 3 large garbage bags of rubbish from it.

Then today after work and getting the kids from school I did 2 of the bathroom drawers and the bathroom cabinet top.
I also did one cluttered shelf in the dining room.

It might not sound much but it feels good. I am creating space within our storage. I'll keep doing this and then once a room is all sorted on the inside i can then target it completely and spring clean the room. I am hoping this way things will more easily have their 'space' and we will in the mean time also minimilise our collection of 'stuff' we simply

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Divya Rao said...

Hi Susan,
I stumbled upon your blog and found it interesting :) Especially this decluttering bit, I need to do that myself and soon!
Keep blogging!