Monday, July 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Part of my getting back to (ok getting into/starting properly!!) organising my life is getting back to menu planning. Particularly now as a working mum running my own business away form the home I need to be more organised. I have 3 school aged chgildren and its important i find routine and organisation. I have anew list on my fridge and am getting a new pin board for the kitchen to put dsome of my new orgasnising tools into place. One is a 4 week menu plan, which will usually be filled in one week in advance (but having 4 weeks means if I htink of somehting for next week i can add it right away)

This weeks menu:

Monday - Pork noodle stir fry
Tuesday - Pita pizzas
Wednesday - Spag bolognaise
Thursday - Rissoles/steak and vegies/salad
Friday - Lentil shepherds pie
Saturday - Chicken salad
Sunday - osso bucco and mash/vegies.

Another thing is trying to get dinner ready earlier. I work for myself so can leave work early if I am up to date, but being a new bsuiness out of the home (run at home for the last 6-7 years) and trying to expand at present/build a base, I sometimes need to work a little later. So on the days I can leave I am planning on having dinner ready by 5-5:30pm. I did that today and found that everyone in the house was more settled for the evening, far too often do we eat at 7-8pm which is way too late for the kids. they ate well too tonight, so well i missed out on the stir fry as I was busy pottering round and they all had seconds so I had a steak salad!


Lucy C said...

Have you got a slow cooker? They halp with the days when you can't get home in time to prepare a meal.
I need to start menu planning too. Have you found somewhere online that is helpful?

Susan said...

Yep i do have an ancient slow cooker Lucy, must drag it out, you're right it will come in handy on days I know I will be late.
With menu planning I base it off what we have in the freezer and whats being delivered and what i feel like. The menu plan monday has some ideas too.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Mmmmm Yum! Early dinners are much better in our house too,But rarely seem to eventuate...