Sunday, July 12, 2009

a better week...

Finding a bit of motivation again.Looking forward to kids going back to school, hoping we can all gain some more routine/organisation in our lives.I purchased and downloaded the companion from here:
and only been using it a few days but already feeling a little more organised, still have lots to fill in it though.

Things with Joey are good, for now. I am still apprehensive though. We've ridden this ride before but this does seem different, we're focusing on getting ourselves help being respectful, and being caring. again kkeeping it simple, it is making for a happier household when we are all together.

The house is still in chaos, this week i am going to try leave work a litle earlier each day, pick kids up from school and come home and do alitle bit each day to try get back on top. I did sort stacks of the washing which was amammoth task but there is still more to go.

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