Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soup recipe

You must try this, its so easy and truly really deliscious and ne the whole family will love... and best of all its cheap!

My dad emailed it to me as he came round a few weeks and made it for us. the recipe is from a friend of my sisters so i cant claim it as his or mine!

1 chicken breast per 2 litres of water cut into strips and sealed in small amount of oil in pan.
bring water to boil and add "pho ga" cubes 1 per 500 ml of water and chicken this stage add fish sauce and soy sauce (about 1 tspn per 500 ml of water).
keep water on slow boil and add chopped greens. i use bok chuy, witloff or chinese cabbage but anything will do. this adds bulk but not flavour.
now add 5 spice mix. i use cardamom, turmeric, cumin, smoked paprika, and cinnamon. about 1 tblspns total mix per litre of water. stir regularly and keep a glass of wine handy so you dont lose interest.
after about 5 minutes add a handful of coarsely chopped vietnamese mint leaves and about one roll of vietnamese noodles per litre of water. i cut it in 3rds with scissors because a knive wont cut it and it is just too long. have another glass of wine and then.....
after about 3 minutes add packet of bean sprouts and have another glass of wine.
while drinking wine stir soup regularly making sure to transfer bean sprouts from bottom to top so they break down evenly. when wine bottle is empty soup is ready.
good ruck ... i hope your soup is prenty good

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