Tuesday, December 18, 2007

see they are real :)

here they are finally :)

They are wet n these images too as it was raining and they were wandering in it.

they are the COOLEST animals :)

They are becoming more friendly everyday, they love a scratch along their backs and since i am mum, when I am outside they follow me in the hope food. They roam everywhere too now all day long, we just pop them behind the shed at night, then lock their home up as it gets dark.

Belle (the white one) has taken to clucking at the back door when she wants us (usualy for more food, seriously they have access to food all day long and still want more more more!)

They are laying well too. we get 1-2 eggs most days, where as at their last hoe they only laid 1 egg every few days and Marg (the brown one) wasnt laying at all anymore!

The eggs are soooooo yummy too! The kids didnt eat eggs before, now they love them! Plus they helping feed them, collecting the eggs etc, except my eldest daughter, she is still a bit unsure of them.


Lucy C said...

Glad you are enjoying them so much.
They are definately therapeutic.
I have a garden bench in my pen so I can soak up the ambience.
And they eat all the scraps and give you eggs. What more could you ask for?

Jacran Cottage said...

Do you just have the two chickens? What does your hen house (chicken coop) look like? What do you feed them?

I've been wanting chickens for quite a while, and maybe next spring with be the time. Glad to hear you are enjoying them so much.

libby said...

They are beautiful girls. I love my chooks - they are so fun!! Mine run to the back door when they see me heading that way. Yes, they always want more food - esp. if it's a favourite (mine are pretty sick of bread, though they still eat it). I have 6 chooks and get 5-6 eggs a day. They are just over a year old and get plenty of food scraps. Enjoy your girls. They do make great pets (plus great eggs).


Susan said...

True Lucy!

Jacran, yes just the 2 for now, eventually we'll have 6. They live in an old dog kennel (a VERY large one, that was home built for 2 very large dogs)
Its down behind our garage/shed and they have lots of space behind there, though now they just free range all day long.

Because they free range they need a little less food given to them (or so i have read) I feed them laying pellets which are always on offer (not that they eat much of them!) and then I feed them lots of scraps. Their fav food wihtout doubt is corn! But they seriously eat almost anything (there are some foods not to give them, like avocado peel, potatoe skins) they love my kids left over cereal in the mornings, at night the scraps all get popped on one plate and they get that, duirng the day they might get stale bread etc. My neighbour today bought 2 boxes of cereal over that had gone stale so that will be included in their food this week. They eat meat scraps also and I cruch their egg shells up and feed them back to them too!

Ali said...

yay ~ chook pics at last, lol!!!
Have you clipped their wings at all?? it's amazing how they always ssem to be hungry isn't it!! Mine start bok, bok bokking as soon as they hear me open the back door, lol :)

Lucky-1 said...

Oh I am so pleased you are enjoying your new hens:) Those home laid eggs are just so yummy.

Susan said...

No Ali, no wing clipping, they might look different though as they were drenched! They are learning new psots to go when it rains, there is lots of undercover space for them to escape it.

Anonymous said...

Your chooks are gorgeous, and your photos as usual are terrific.