Friday, August 17, 2007

Operation Study/Office

Hmmm this post is quite embarrassing really but I look forward to the end result so am going to just share, if you think I am a pig so be it :)

So, I work form home. I'm a photographer as I have mentioned before. I spend a bit of time on the omputer editing images. I have lots of paper clutter/prints etc etc.

It's now out of control.
I hate hate hate doing my paperwork, for either house or business, so I let it pile up , and pile up it has!
This is by far the messiest most cluttered room in the house.
It's time to change that!

So this is where I currently 'chat' to you all through here :)
Some of what's in the picture:
- my mac laptop
- my ball (my seat)
- toaster (that stopped working over a year ago!!)
-all my camera bags and gear
- my client display folder and display boards
-post it notes stuck to the wall to remind me what needs to be done :)
- 2006 organiser on the wall on the right.
- books I am freecycling
- books I bought for me recently
- stuff i am ebaying.

EEK! IT's just way too cluttered, not good for the mind!

So I'm moving, I'll be joining Joey in the above room (taken from 2 views as its a bigger room)
the table on the right is coming out, the bed is going in my current office (the clutter room once cleared) filing cabinets will move to other wall and my new (well freecycle new) huge desk will go next to Joeys desk.

This is a BIG BIG job of organising and decluttering.
Will take a while.


Ali said...

wow! that'll be good in the bigger room ~ you sound organised ~ you know how you want it. I look forward to seeing the "after" shots :)

Susan said...

Yes I too look forward to the after shots :) Just not really looking forward to the work involved to get there!

Lucy C said...

Scary, scary, scary!
I hope you survive the experience. Don't forget to take the antihistamines if you are allergic to dustmites.
That is always my downfall when I do a big tidy up. I have to be medically 'retired' from the job because of all the sneezing!!!

Kez said...

Good luck with it! I'm not game enough to show photos of my office area - actually today I wouldn't be game to show photos of ANY room in the house!

Susan said...

LOL scary is right! But we'll get there :)

Kez, I mihgt have to post 'project lounge room' which is this mornings job. Its a shocker!