Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Market day.

Yesterday was market day. We live near the Dandenong market and we try to get there each week on a Tuesday to stock up on fruit and veg for the week. It saves so much money when we do this as prices are quite competitive. We usually try to go an hour or so before closing as prices drop even more.

They do have an organic section but lately prices have been insane in that area and unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch to accomodate me there. I do head there first though and pick up what I can.

Some good bargains from the rest of the market though were
$1.99 kg broccoli
5 avocados for $1
apples and pears for $1-1.49 kg
big large head of cauli for $2
big bag of baby carrots $1
Bananas a bag for $2

and much more for good prices.

With 3 kids we go through a heap of fruit anf veg each week, we always have to shop 2 times each week for them. Its great that we eat such variety but without the market we wouldnt be able to afford it some weeks.

Yesterday I also took the bagged up lettuce to school, in all I gave away 6 decent bags of lettuce and still left myself with 2 bags. the mums were most appreciative!

I also checked out my local fishing store again and this time they had red worms in so i grabbed a punnet and brought them home and added them to the worm farm.
The worm farm is going well. We haven't been feeding them a lot yet as they establish. But they are starting to eat there way through what I give them.

I'm heading out this afternoon to get osme plastic to cover my mini greenhouse/seed protector :) Will post photos once I am done!


Ali said...

those market prices for vegies are good ~ wish I could buy them that cheaply!!

did you get some plastic to make a greenhouse ?

Susan said...

yes the prices are fantastic! I take my granny shopping cart each week and it is super full as we leave and i usually have spent about $30 in total.

Ran out of time to get the plastic yesterday, thats now on todays list.

Polly said...

We used to go to the Dandy market but we live too far away now. :-(
It's a great place for cheap fruit and veg.