Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gall Wasp

My poor lemon tree was taken over by gall wasp! I noticed it a while ago but having no knowledge with fruit trees i wasn't sure what was wrong. The tree has been looking wrose for wear over the last 18 months so i think this is the second or thrird season with gall wasp.

Here is the tree before I heavily pruned off all of the galls.
see them? they were everywhere!
Whats left after a heavy prune. I gave it a really really good water with tank water when I finished also and will go buy sme citrus fertiliser this week for it to help it along.


Lucy C said...

I am impressed. Mine suffered the same fate but I chopped it down!
Now the kookaburras use the stump as a lookout when hunting for worms.

Susan said...

It took me such a long time lucy i am all scratched too. But am hoping it survives!

Ali said...

the tree will be fine ~ good prune is good for it every couple of yrs :)

Crazy Mumma said...

Hi Susan, I butchered a lime tree last year that was really ill, and it came back in a blaze of glory, LOL. A good dose of fertiliser and it will never look back :-)

Polly said...

It will probably better than ever. you'll have to show us how it looks at the end of summer perhaps.

Kirsty said...

When I was younger mum and dad got divorced Mum cut down every tree in our backyard limb by limb! She said it helped with her frustrations LOL