Saturday, August 11, 2007

First planting!

Today we did our first planting!

Remember I mentoned the wood structure thing i picked up from the side of the road? well today I got round to fixing it up, covering it etc so that my seedlings have a safer. hopefully warmer home to start them off!

Here is the structure below hoked up to the wall so i can get in easily underneath.

Front on lifted up.
Inspired by Ali of Our Patch I cut up a used plastic milk bottle to make some plant labels. I used collected egg cartons for the punnets for the seeds and we made a seed mix from sand, potting mix and compost. I planted seeds for capsicums, cucumbers and silverbeet today. I also bought a seedling of a blck russian tomato. I have tried growing these the last 2 years wihtout success. The first year it was stolen form my yard and last year it met an early death by the whipper snipper.
The end product down in place. I have plenty of room int heir for seedlings and some plants too and its in a good spot to get sun. My original plan for it was to be a chook tractor but it can always be converted to one if this fails and we want to reuse it :)
My eldest is at Rye for the night wiht some cousins and her two grandpas. So it was just these two today. they were so good and helpful really. They spent loads of time outdoors today and even when the rain didnt bring them in!


Lucy C said...

Good work Susan.
I love reading everyones blogs on the weekend.
All the projects are so much fun!
Save those egg cartons for your eggs too.

Susan said...

Yep Lucy, weekends are good blog reading times, everyone seems so productive :)

I've been keping egg cartons a while now, sends the other a bit batty as they drop out of different cupboards!

Kez said...

I love your photos!

What have you covered your frame in? Just clear plastic?

Susan said...

Thanks Kez :)

Its a clear vinyl, its actually the table covering stuff to protect your table, i just bought the cheapest stuff then I used a staple gun to attach it. I've left a gap at the bottom for air circulation. It can be moved easily too if needed. It poured last night and the punnets were lovely and dry this morning and the morning sun had fogged the lot up so am guessing its warmer in there than if they werent in there!

Ali said...

your hot house is GREAT!!