Thursday, August 30, 2007


I've been out op shopping a few times over the last few weeks and haven't shown much of what I have bought in here!

Yesterday I went again (well I was in Oakleigh anyway so figured why not) I picked up this wonderful blue bag. It is in a gorgeous material and is a little bit padded. it is now my knitting bag!
See my attempt at knitting. this isn't anything. I bought two balls of wool form a local op shop for 20 cents each for me to practise on so am just knitting them out and will give to the girls for their dolls for blankets. I am also keeping my eye out for knitting needles now at op shops.

I just ordered some cotton to knit some dishcloths with from natty yarns
in 3 different lots of colours. these are some outfits I bought last week at the op shop. a gorgeous pink and cream paisley country road skirt for my middle daughter, and a gorgeous dress each for the girls.
I have also been collecting books. To list them all ouldbe crazy as i have bought os many. These 2 were yesterdays finds.

Today I also planted silverbeet seed in the front garden bed, along with some cucumber seed and radish seeds.

The carrots have now sprouted out the fornt also, so its all comign along nicely. I toasted one lot of seedlings in the hot house as I forgot to water them over 2 very warm days! I'm leaving them in there but will do another few trays of the same tpyes of seeds this week.

Oh and also its one month today since I quit smoking! yay for me :)


Anonymous said...

Good on you your first month cigarette free. I gave up on the 14th January 2003. Keep up the good work the worst is over. I did it cold turkey how are you doing it?

Lucy C said...

One month. Well done.

Susan said...

I used gum the first few days Rhonda, but since then nothing. I have had moments I really crave one but am generally fine now.

Kez said...

Well done on 1 month smoke free!

Great bargains too :)

Ali said...

you always buy such great op shop bargains!! Your knitting looks good. I need to get some wool so I can have a go now that I've found my old needles :)

and WOOHOO on reaching ONE month of not smoking. I'm proud of you :)

Polly said...

Congratulations on the smoke free month. It is so good to read about people quitting.

Your knitting is looking good and so is the knitting bag. You must have some good op shops around your way by the look of those clothes.

lightening said...

Great finds there. Oakleigh - I have fond memories of that place. My best friend used to live in Oakleigh (I spent 6 years in Melbourne).

I love the knitting and the yarn colour! :-)

Anonymous said...

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