Monday, April 23, 2007

the no shampoo challenge.

Yep I am jumping on the wagon of no shampooers. My kids are joining me too.

I've been 3 days without shampoo now, the kids have been 6 days. So far so good.

Why no shampoo?
Well the theory is that shampoo strips the natural oils form our hair so our bodies.scalps then work to provide more oil to compensate. The idea with no shampooing is that our hair will eventually adjust, that at first it will be awful and greasy and yuk but that after 6 weeks it will beautiful and gorgeous and will have no need for shampoo again! I even read it will smell nice naturally after 6 weeks, hmmm, will be interesting to see!

Other added benefits of no shampooing are I save money, 2 less products to buy and also it is better for the environment, less chemicals going down the drain.

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